The Enfield Teaching School Alliance has a variety of areas it intends to work on, the most exciting of which is that of our involvement in research and development. 


As an alliance we are keen to look to the future of education in our area of North London. We want to ensure that the entitlement every pupil has to a high quality education is guaranteed for the future. To do this we need to involve ourselves in understanding how pedagogy, a fundamental understanding of what we teach and how we teach, underpins our learning community.


National College of School Leadership has selected our alliance to lead on a research project with an aim to contribute to national research and educational developments. Over the past 2 academic years the Enfield Teaching School Alliance assigned six schools to undergo a piece of research that will help identify the best forms of practice in leadership when assessing transition. The aims of the research are as follows:


1.    To understand how leadership of pedagogy functioned across schools in different phases (primary and secondary).

2.    To understand how leadership of pedagogy functioned across pairs of schools cooperating together.

3.    To understand how the teaching school could lead pedagogy across the alliance.

4.    To understand how research could impact on schools and the progress and achievement of students.


Please download the document below to see the final research paper which contains all schools involved, research methodology and findings.

  1. ETSA case study report